Know the why before they buy.

What influences your customers’ buying decisions? Why are certain brands or SKUs more popular in different locales than others? Find the answers and gain better insights to understand the where behind the why. Use Esri solutions to improve product distribution, optimize sales performance, and turn gaps into opportunities. You will develop better channels for your customers and products by understanding location.



Understand future trends by looking at patterns through space and time to ensure the right stock in the right place.


Use Esri’s powerful analytical tools to understand market trends, influences, and opportunities.


Take the sharp curves out of market turns by understanding all your data and how to take decisive action.

Esri Location Analytics

Gain the best view into your market by seeing your charts and tables through their location. Intuitive mapping and analytics tools make it easy to apply geography. Understand where customers are purchasing what products and get them what they need.

Find out more about Location Analytics for Retail.

ArcGIS Platform

Integrate ArcGIS into your existing business systems and improve access to information. Ensure you have the products available to support your sales organization. Location intelligence provides better access to services for your customers, both inside and outside your organization.

Learn more about ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Online

Easily share information organization-wide through ArcGIS Online. No matter where employees are located, everyone can view the same data at both a global and local scale. React quickly to changing stock levels and keep your customers happy. Sharing data means staying connected so everyone is working from the same page.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

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