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Increase manufacturing returns.

In a dynamic economy, a forest company’s ability to respond to changing markets is critical to success. Use ArcGIS to build location strategies that help you react quickly to market dynamics. Keep your mill timber inventories lean, respond quickly to buy wood, change the product mix, and move loggers.



Keep tabs on workflows, follow mill facilities and operations. See real time data on a map such as assets and equipment, production levels, downtime, and costs.


Respond quickly to changing markets. Buy wood, change the product mix, make schedules, and track equipment.


Improve office to mill communications. Create an online common operational picture to coordinate production and distribution activities.

ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server improves communications between the mill, corporate managers, supply-chain customers, and foresters. Create, share, and manage wood processing information and see it in geographic context. Devise analytical models using GIS forestry applications. Deploy GIS across your organization and on the web.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Server.

ArcGIS Network Analyst

Manage your fleet and reduce costs with ArcGIS Network Analyst. Optimize logging truck transportation costs by optimizing routes. Estimate time, driver hours, and transport costs. See cost values such as distance, time, slope, and other attributes. You can even perform location allocation analyses to site a transport-wise mill.

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Operations Dashboard

Stay on top of what’s happening throughout the enterprise. Configure the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to monitor forest inventory, harvesting operations, and so forth. Provide decision makers with charts, maps, and more, to help them make the daily decisions that keep your organization moving forward.

Learn more about Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

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